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The World after the System Break


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Der astrologische Kondratieff-Zyklus von Dr. Christof Niederwieser

The Astrological Kondratiev Cycle

One of the most discussed prognosis models of modern futures studies is the Kondratiev Cycle. This article reveals the astrological backgrounds.

New Video Lectures & Seminars

Astrology is a fascinating way to understand yourself and the world better. In recent years I have given several hundred lectures and seminars, mostly on the innovative new methods that I have developed…

The Group Horoscope – Introduction

The innovative Group Horoscope reveals collective patterns in astrology for the very first time and opens a whole new world of Collective Astrology.

Astrology of the Air Age

Astrology is a fascinating path of knowledge. Since time immemorial it has given people orientation in space and time. It is the oldest system theory of mankind and is based on a networked symbolic thinking. With the beginning of the Air Age, the change from a materialistic consumer society (1800 – 2020) to a mind-oriented knowledge society (2020 – 2150), this networked symbolic thinking has become enormously important again. The horoscope helps to maintain a clear overview in the information overload of postmodernity. In the increasing unpredictability of existence it shows us our individual path to a fulfilling life.

On this website, the well-known astrologer and prognostication expert Dr. Christof Niederwieser provides insights into his decades of work. You will find numerous articles and offers about astrology: personal horoscopes, exciting online seminars, mundane-astrological predictions on forthcoming worldwide developments, background information about the history of astrology and even a brand new, innovative astrology software, that helps to analyse complex correlations between a multitude of horoscopes.


The great system break, which I have been forecasting for years in numerous articles and lectures, is in full swing with the Corona crisis. Especially now it is important to keep a clear head and to retain an overview of the major developments of the forthcoming years.

The crisis runs through almost all areas of life and will last until around 2025. When the health side of the crisis is finally fading out and issues such as incidence, masks, vaccination are increasingly relegated to the background, then the economic crisis begins with inflation, shortages of raw materials and economically motivated conflicts. The transformation of our social system from the old Earth Age (1800 – 2020) to the new Air Age (2020 – 2150) has begun.

It is crucial now to make a long-term plan for your own professional future. The horoscope is a fantastic tool to link your personal path to the grand collective developments. Because the great cycles of astrology reveal future trends and disruptions that remain hidden with conventional planning instruments.

For a first orientation, I have compiled a dossier for you with my selected articles on the subject. This already offers a good overview of the current and upcoming developments on a collective level. You can find more information on the situation in the form of videos and articles on this website and on my Youtube channel. I will be happy to send you the Future-Dossier free of charge upon request:

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