New Video Lectures & Seminars

Astrology is a fascinating way to understand yourself and the world better. In recent years I have given several hundred lectures and seminars, mostly on the innovative new methods that I have developed in over twenty years of research and practice (e.g. the Group Horoscope for analyzing whole families or teams, the Astro-Kondratieff Business Cycle Model, new methods of long-term forecasting, Cycle Docking, the Job Horoscope and much more). So far, more than 1.000 students have started their path into astrology with my educational programs in German language.

Now finally some of my best lectures and seminars are also available in English language. You can watch the video recordings immediately after purchase:

“The Group Horoscope – Key to Collective Astrology”: This 3,5 hour seminar I have given at the Conference of the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) in 2018. It introduces a groundbreaking new approach that allows to create and interprete horoscopes for whole groups such as teams, families, departments or even music bands or political committees.

“The Corona Crisis as a Bridge into the Air Age”: The German version of this lecture has been held and published many times since 2017. It shows the astrological background of how I was able to forecast the Corona Crisis already years before it happened. This English version has been held in autumn 2020 for the Astrology University. No astrological knowledge is needed to understand the content of this lecture. Hence it gives numerous new insights into Mundane Astrology even for astro-professionals.

“Introduction to Business Astrology”: Since 2014 I am offering an extensive education in Business Astrology in German language. This video lecture gives a general introduction into this fascinating world, also showing numerous practical examples from the fields of Strategy, Branding and Human Resources.