Astrologie Luft-Epoche

Chronlex Astrology

Chronlex® is the new Collective Astrology of the Air Age. It reads the horoscope from the superordinate world perspective.

In which collective movements, group processes and zeitgeist waves is the individual embedded? This Collective Level is represented by the zodiac with its landscapes and morphological figures. The images and manifestations of world affairs are stored in the zodiac. And the planets bring these images into reality through their movements and cycles.

The individual is the carrier subject of these collective constellations and gives them existence. At the same time, each person is docked to the collective level in his or her own unique way and takes his or her own perspective on it. This Personal Level is represented by the House Circle. The interlocking of the zodiac circle and the house circle creates the uniqueness of every moment and every form of existence in space and time.

Chronlex® Astrology works with new methods and concepts:

  • The Niederwieser Relationship Chart (“Group Horoscope”) for analyzing complex relationships between a multitude of horoscopes:
    • Collective Analysis: What defines the group as a whole?
    • Role Allocation: How are the single members positioned within the group?
    • Group Dynamics: What are the complex relationship patterns between the members?
    • Foxus Perspective: How does the group look like from the individual perspective of one of its members?
  • Generational Imprint
    What Zeitgeist’s child is the horoscope and how is it related to the peculiarities of its generation?
  • The Collective Horoscope (0° Aries View)
    How is the horoscope embedded in the Collective Level from a bird’s eye view?
  • The Interlocking of Zodiac Circle and House Circle
    Zodiac Circle and House Circle as independent planes of existence: The Zodiac shows the horoscope as a representative of the Collective Level. The House Circle shows the personal perspective of the individual on this Collective Level.
  • Mundane & Business Astrology
    Which are the manifold forms of organisation in human’s collective activities? What common goals and projects can motivate people? And how can each individual find his or her best place in it, and use his or her strengths and talents in a fulfilling way?
  • Zeitgeist Diagnostics und Prognostication
    Which major global developments will shape the future and thus the life world of the horoscope? And how does the individual change in the flow of the constantly changing zeitgeist waves? How does existence flow from the depths of history into the open spaces of the future? And what corridors of action are offered to our free will in the context of the great cycles to actively shape our future?

The aim of Chronlex® astrology is to help people find their place in the world and to follow a fulfilled path in the flow of the great zeitgeist waves. It should enable a value-free view of the big picture in order to recognise the opportunities of the future and to realise common visions in a constructive and solution-oriented way.

Dr. Christof Niederwieser

Chronlex®-Astrology was developed by Dr. Christof Niederwieser:

  • Doctorate in International Economics at the University of Innsbruck: Diploma thesis “On the Magical Practices of Management – Personality Models of Modern Management in a Cultural-Historical Comparison”, 800-page dissertation “Prognostics in Magic and Modernity”.
  • Visiting Fellow at the IKGF “Fate, Freedom and Prognostication” at the University of Erlangen, one of the world’s leading interdisciplinary research centres for the cultural history of prediction
  • Prognostication Expert and author of a book series on prognostics, its methods and paradigm systems in various cultures and epochs of human history
  • Many years in the music industry, e.g. as “Head of Brand & Business Development” for a well-known musical instrument manufacturer and as a musician
  • 25 years of astrological research and practice, numerous lectures and publications, astrological business consulting with AstroMANAGEMENT, innovative online seminars for beginners and professionals