Astrology Seminars & Lectures

Astrology is a fascinating way to understand better yourself and the world. And it is an important cultural tradition that has shaped many civilisations over centuries. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to find entry into the world of astrology in the thicket of offers.

In recent years I have given several hundred lectures and seminars, mostly on the innovative new methods that I have developed in over twenty years of research and practice (e.g. the Group Horoscope for analyzing whole families or teams, the Astro-Kondratieff Business Cycle Model, new methods of long-term forecasting, Cycle Docking, the Job Horoscope and much more).

So far, more than 1.000 students have started their path into astrology with my educational programs in German language. Due to many requests, I am now also offering my best lectures and seminars in English. These are video recordings that are available for you instantly after purchase.