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CHRONLEX Astrology Software

CHRONLEX® is the new astrology software of the Air Age. With this innovative tool you can analyse complex networks between different horoscopes. You can switch quickly and flexibly between different perspectives. And you have your data and settings at your fingertips on all your devices (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, Windows, Android, OS, iOS…).

CHRONLEX opens up the fascinating world of collective astrology: whether families, teams, music bands or sports teams, school classes, political committees or company networks, a system is always more than the sum of its parts. The connections between life events, complex relationships between a multitude of horoscopes, all this can now finally be decoded astrologically. With this programme you can calculate the innovative Group Horoscope of Dr. Christof Niederwieser (“Niederwieser Relationship Chart”) in all its variations. You can create various horoscope groups and analyze them according to the numerous methods of the four-step analysis model.

  • The Astrology Software of the Air Age

    CHRONLEX reveals a completely new perspective on astrological correlations

    • whole groups of horoscopes in the synopsis
    • innovative operation for quick changes of perspective
    • cloud-based: interconnected on all your devices
  • The Group Horoscope: Networks of Relationships

    The Group Horoscope reveals these novel relationships in four steps:

    • Collective Analysis: What constitutes the group as a whole, as an independent entity?
    • Role Allocation: How are the individual members positioned within the group?
    • Group Dynamics: What networks of relationships unfold within the group between its members?
    • Focus Perspective: How does an individual member see the rest of the group from his or her subjective perspective?
  • Cloud-based: interconnected on all your devices

    CHRONLEX is cloud-based and therefore works on any platform

      • on any device: PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone,…
      • on any operating system: Windows, Android, OS, iOS, Linux…

Check out CHRONLEX

You can try out CHRONLEX immediately by going to the software page. Select “Als Gast Einloggen” (“Log in as guest”). Afterwards you can switch your language to English in the upper right corner. Then you can test all functions and features of CHRONLEX with the pre-installed database of more than 1,200 well-known personalities, as well as a number of exciting Group Horoscopes.

If you want to save your own horoscopes and calculate your own groups, you can create your own account. This is free of charge. If you would like to use further professional features, you can upgrade to a PRO ACCOUNT anytime.

If you want extended functionality of the software, you can upgrade to a PRO ACCOUNT anytime. This allows you to create groups with more members, save more data, import and export horoscopes (via AAF), create your own sets with settings and also choose from more different aspects and additional factors (Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Lilith, Priapus, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno).

For maximum performance, please choose the ULTIMATE ACCOUNT. Here you can find a range of special techniques for astrology experts, a large number of forecasting methods, special aspects and additional factors (asteroids, centaurs, Transneptunians,…). There are no limits regarding number of databanks and horoscopes. And you can create Group Horoscopes with up to 100 members.

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