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ABOUT Chronlex Astrology Software

Torsten Wernecke - Christof NiederwieserCHRONLEX is the groundbreaking astrology software of the Air Age. It offers innovative methods for a new networked perspective in astrology. The software was developed in cooperation between Dr. Christof Niederwieser and Torsten Wernecke. The original aim was to develop a simple programme for calculating Group Horoscopes (“Niederwieser Relationship Charts”). In the course of time, a completely new astrology software was born, which redefines astrological work on the basis of the latest technological possibilities. Since 2022 the CHRONLEX astrology software is finally available to the public.

We wish you lots of inspiration & new perspectives for your astrological work!

Dr. Christof Niederwieser: Concept & Design
Torsten Wernecke: Technology & Programming

CHRONLEX Software GmbH
Konstanzerstr. 60
8274 Tägerwilen

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