CHRONLEX: The Astrology Software of the Air Age

Astrology can wonderfully fathom the character of a person. However, it becomes much more difficult when we want to bring a multitude of horoscopes together. For groups such as families, teams, sports teams or political committees, astrology has so far lacked suitable methods. Yet networked thinking is a core characteristic of the new Air Age (2020 – 2150). How are the most diverse horoscopes connected with each other? What are the hidden links between the different levels of a horoscope?

With the new CHRONLEX astrology software, such connections can finally be made visible and analyzed. With this programme you can calculate the innovative Group Horoscope of Dr. Christof Niederwieser (“Niederwieser Relationship Chart”) in a multitude of variations. You can compile any horoscope groups and then evaluate them according to the numerous methods of the four-step analysis model. With just a few mouse clicks you can switch different levels of the horoscope into solo mode or combine them with each other.

Thanks to the innovative navigation, all important functions are only a mouse click away. This allows changing perspectives quickly and easily. In addition, the CHRONLEX astrology software is interconnected on all your devices and works platform-independently. Via your web browser you can use your CHRONLEX account on a wide range of operating systems and devices. Whether Windows, Android, OS, iOS or Linux, whether PC, Apple Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone, your astrology software works on all configurations. Whether at home on the big monitor or on the road on your mobile phone, you always have CHRONLEX with all your personal data and settings with you!

This completely new astrology software was developed in cooperation between Dr. Christof Niederwieser (conception & design) and Torsten Wernecke (technology & programming). After intensive testing phases, the first version is now finally available for you. You can calculate and evaluate individual horoscopes and group horoscopes in different variations. You can expand your sets with complex aspect streams and horoscope factors such as planetoids, centaurs, transneptunians, asteroids or planetary nodes and display them graphically in a unique clarity. And you can easily switch between different configuration sets. With the ingenious magnifying glass function you can zoom into densely packed areas of horoscopes and thus immerse into the deep layers of the constellations.

The CHRONLEX astrology software is regularly optimized and extended by updates. You don’t have to annoyingly download and manually install data on your devices. Your CHRONLEX account is automatically updated.

CHRONLEX is available in a FREE version and in the extended PRO version. Start into the Air Age and bring your astrology into the next evolutionary level!