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CHRONLEX Astrology Software – User Manual

The CHRONLEX Astrology Software is very intuitive to use. All important functions are only one mouse click away. You can quickly switch between different perspectives to discover completely new astrological correlations. Here you can find a short introduction into the most important navigation elements in CHRONLEX:


only available in German

Navigation via Symbols

Most functions can be used via clear symbols and icons:

Plus – Create By clicking on the Plus you can create a new chart or a new group. You will find both in the DATA screen: In the upper left corner you can create a new horoscope. In the upper right corner next to “Current Group” you can create a new group.
Pencil – Edit By clicking on the pencil you can edit the respective data set (chart, group,…), e.g. change name or data.
The Eye – View By clicking on the eye you can view the respective horoscope or group. The corresponding charts opens in the work screen
The Cross – Delete By clicking on the cross you can delete or remove the respective chart or group.
Group By clicking on the Group Icon in the DATA screen, you can quickly and directly assign a chart to the current group.
Checkbox – Activate By clicking on a checkbox in the HOROSCOPE and GROUP screens, you can switch on or off individual group members or individual factors (planets, AC, MC,…). If you want to solo-view a group member or a factor, click directly on the name of the member or on the corresponding planet symbol. You can then add individual members or factors via activating the empty checkboxes. Clicking again on the name or symbol to end the solo mode.

New Perspectives

In CHRONLEX-Astrology a distinction is made between the individual perspective (AC left) and the collective perspective (0° Aries left). Both look at one and the same horoscope from completely different angles, once from the navel view of the frog perspective and once from the bird’s eye view. You can quickly switch between these different perspectives with just one click on the corresponding icons. Especially with Group Horoscopes, this can give a completely different astrological interpretation.

  • Collective Perspective

    0° Aries left

    Kollektiv-Perspektive 0° Widder links
  • Individual Perspective

    Ascendant left

    Individual-Perspektive AC links

Solo Mode

With the Group Horoscope it is particularly important that you can quickly and flexibly switch different members on and off and combine them as you wish. The same applies to the different interpretation factors, for example if you want to analyse the Sun Field or the Jupiter Field of a group. You can do this with just one mouse click on the blue checkboxes.
And there is an effective shortcut to switch a member or a factor into Solo Mode: simply click on the name of a member or on the symbol of a factor and all the others are hidden. You can then add further members or planets by activating checkboxes. Or you can click on the name or the symbol again to end the solo mode and have all the elements displayed again.


    Click on factor or group member to activate solo mode

    Klick auf Sonne
  • FACTOR Solo Mode

    Click on the sun symbol to switch the Sun Field solo

    Solo-Modus Sonnenfeld
  • GROUP MEMBER Solo Mode

    Clicking on the name of a group member to switch solo the individual horoscope

    Gruppen-Mitglied Solo schalten

Configuration Sets

In addition, you can create comprehensive Configuration Sets and easily switch between them with one mouse click at the bottom right. You can create sets for specific schools (Uranian Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology,…), different aspect groups or different views with additional factors (Centaur Sets, Asteroid Sets,…).

CHRONLEX Einstellungen Sets

CHRONLEX Einstellungen Sets

Mouse Over Tutorial

To help you quickly find your way around the CHRONLEX software, there is also a Mouse Over Tutorial. If you want to know more about a symbol or an icon, you only have to move the mouse over it and wait a few seconds. A pop-up window will then open with the explanation.

Astrologie-Software Mouse-Over

Mouse Over Tutorial: Die Maus auf ein Symbol / Icon führen und ein paar Sekunden warten für nähere Erklärungen

Zoom Function

There is a zoom function so that you can also interpret very dense Group Horoscopes well and can always see every detail, even on small screens (e.g. on your smartphone). You can zoom into specific areas of the horoscope charts and thus clearly resolve even dense planet clusters. By mouse-over on a planet, you can also see to which group member it belongs.



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